The TMUX7308F is a ±60V fault protected, 8:1, single channel multiplexer with 1.8V logic

The TMUX7308F and TMUX7309F are modern complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) analog AM3354BZCZA100 multiplexers in 8:1 (single-ended) and 4:1 (differential) configurations. These devices are suitable for dual supply (±5 V to ±22 V),

The OPA990 is a single, 40V, 1.1MHz, low power operational amplifier

The OPA990 family (OPA990, OPA2990 and OPA4990) is a family of high voltage (40 V) general purpose operational amplifiers. These devices offer excellent DC accuracy and AC performance, including rail-to-rail input/output, low offset (±300 μV, ty

The OPA593 is an 85 V wide bandwidth (18 MHz), precision op amp with high output current (200 mA)

The OPA593 is a high voltage (85 V), wide bandwidth (10 MHz), high output current (250 mA), unity gain stable ACPM-5007-TR1 operational amplifier.The OPA593 uses laser trimming to improve offset voltage (10 μV) and offset voltage drift (0.4 μV/°

The TPL1401 is a 256-tap high precision digital potentiometer (digipot) with buffered taps

The TPL1401 is an AZ431AN-BTRE1 digital potentiometer (digipot) with buffered taps. Unlike standard digital potentiometers, this device provides higher load regulation in voltage divider applications through integrated buffer taps.The TPL1401 makes factor

The INA296A is a -4V to 110V, Bidirectional, 1MHz, 5V/µs, Ultra Precision Current Sense Amplifier

The INA296A is an ultra-precision bidirectional AZ1117BH-ADJTRE1 current sense amplifier that measures the voltage drop across a shunt resistor over a wide common-mode range from –4 V to 110 V, independent of supply voltage. High-accuracy current me

The TAS5806MD is a 23-W Stereo, 45-W Mono, 4.5 to 26.4-V, Digital Input Class-D Audio Amplifier with Processing and P2P HP

The TAS5806MD is a high-efficiency, stereo, closed-loop, Class-D ADR364AUJZ-REEL7 amplifier that provides a cost-effective digital input solution with low power consumption and rich sound. The device's integrated audio processor and 96 kHz architectur

The AFE7444 is a quad-channel RF sampling AFE with 14-bit 9-GSPS DAC and 3-GSPS ADC, no bypass mode

The AFE7444 is a quad AD8206WYRZ wideband RF sampling analog front end (AFE) based on a 14-bit 9-GSPS DAC and a 14-bit 3-GSPS ADC. The device operates at RF up to 6 GHz and can sample RF directly into the C-band frequency range without the need for additi

The ISO3086T is a 20Mbps full-duplex 2.5kVrms isolated RS-485/RS-422 transceiver with integrated transformer driver

The ISO3086T is an isolated AZ75232GTR-G1 differential line transceiver with an integrated oscillator output that supplies the primary voltage to the isolation transformer. The device is a full-duplex differential line transceiver for RS-485 and RS-422 ap

The DRV8353M is a 102V max 3-phase smart gate driver with current shunt amplifier and extended temperature

The DRV8353M family of devices are highly integrated AD8402ARU50 gate drivers for three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor applications. These applications include Field Oriented Control (FOC), sinusoidal current control, and trapezoidal current control of B

The 74HC595 is an 8-bit serial input, parallel output shift register

The 74HC595 is an 8-bit serial input and parallel output shift register: the parallel output is a three-state output. On the rising edge of SCK, the serial data is input from SDL to the internal 8-bit shift register and output by Q7', while the parall

The TL071H is a dual low input bias current standard operational amplifier

The TL071H (TL071H Product Specifications, Documentation and Source Information, TL071H, TL072H, TL074H Product Specifications, Documentation and Source Information) family of devices is the next generation AQW215 version of the industry standard TL071H (

The DAC43701 is an 8-bit, single-channel, voltage output, smart DAC with GPIO triggers

The 10-bit DAC53701 and 8-bit DAC43701 (DAC53701) are a family of pin-compatible buffered voltage output smart digital-to-analog converters (DACs). These devices consume very low power and are packaged in a tiny 8-pin WSON package. The feature set, combin

The TPS7H4002-SP is a Radiation Hardened (RHA), 3V to 5.5V Input, 3A, Synchronous Buck Converter

The TPS7H4002-SP is a radiation hardened 5.5V, 3A synchronous buck converter optimized for small designs with high efficiency and integrated high-side and low-side MOSFETs. Further space savings are achieved through current-mode control that reduces compo

The MAX17643 is a 4.5V–60V, 2A, high-efficiency, synchronous step-down DC-DC converter with internal compensation

The imalaya family of regulator ICs, power modules and chargers enables cooler, smaller and simpler power solutions. The MAX17643 high-efficiency, high-voltage, Himalayan synchronous step-down DC-DC converter integrates MOSFETs and operates from a 4.5V to

The LM25180 is a 42Vin Opticless Flyback Converter with 65V, 1.5A Integrated MOSFET

The LM25180 is a primary-side regulated (PSR) flyback converter with high efficiency over a wide input voltage range of 4.5V to 42V. The isolated output voltage is sampled from the primary-side flyback voltage without the need for an optocoupler, voltage

Tengxin Microelectronics completed a round of tens of millions of financing to promote the localization of basic IP

On July 6th news, Suzhou Tengxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Tengxin Microelectronics") announced that it has completed a round of tens of millions of yuan in financing. The investor is Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd. (refer

"Intelligent Computing Industry Technology Innovation Consortium" was established, announcing the world's first open-source neural network processor instruction set architecture

On July 15, 2021, under the guidance of the China Integrated Circuit Design and Innovation Alliance (ICDIA), the Institute of Integrated Circuits of Tsinghua University, ZTE Microelectronics, TCL Group Industrial Research Institute, Allwinner Technology,

Infineon launched a new TRENCHSTOP™ 5 WR6 series in the TO-247-3-HCC package, bringing better system reliability

Recently, Infineon Technologies Co., Ltd. (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) has launched a new discrete package 650 V TRENCHSTOP™ 5 WR6 series. The series adopts the TO-247-3-HCC package and can realize the rated current separately. With a rich product port

Standard self-locking multi-core connector with the positioning pin

The LEMO B series brings modular, ergonomic, robust, and reliable circular multi-core connectors to the market, suitable for applications that require fast and safe plug-in and self-locking. This makes this series an ideal choice for test and measurement,

Wafer production capacity in mainland China is growing rapidly, and will be able to surpass Japan in one year and become one of the world's TOP 3?

Recently, IC Insights released a data map of chip production capacity in various countries and regions around the world at the end of 2020. The top five rankings are Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Mainland China, North America, ROW (rest of the world).The pr

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